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High quality used machines for the fastener industry

Our cold or semi-warm forming machines produce screws,nails, bolts, washers, nuts or special parts for the manufacturers of the automotive, construction or fastener industry. 

 If your are searching a certain machine, just click in the left box on 'all machines' or if you are looking for a certain manufacturer just click on ' all manufacturers'. You can also click on a certain category beneath to find all our machines of that category on stock with all the technical specifications, data and pictures or a video showing the machine in function.

Our Machines

our other services


Through our experience in mechanical engineering, we can draw on extensive knowledge to subject machine tools of any kind of part or complete overhaul. 

Transports & Logistics

If you wish, we organise the loading as well as shipping by truck, containers or heavy transports from the location of the machines to you or in case of purchase to us. This is also possible worldwide, as we cooperate with the right carriages.

quality check and maintenance

As soon as the machines arrive in our warehouse, they are cleaned, technically checked and overhauled and lacquered on costumers request.